Please contact the district by leaving a phone message or by email.

The district does not staff regular office hours.

emergency-iconFor sewer emergencies such as a flashing red light at a lift station or sewage spill,
please leave message at: 765-721-6752. By leaving a message, personnel are notified of
emergency message 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Approved Contractors




Phone Number

Certificate of Insurance
Expiration Date

 Brian Stephenson Excavating Shop    Shop: 765-386-2684
Mobile: 317-370-9796
Home: 765-386-7292
 McCullough Homes, LLC    Office: 765-386-2885
Mobile: 765-721-2426
Fax: 765-386-6514

The above contractors have been pre-approved at CCCD and already have insurance on file through the Certificate of Insurance expiration date to do the excavating. If you chose another excavating company, they must file proof of insurance at the CCCD office at least one week in advance of the work start date. The certificate of insurance is to be issued to Clear Creek Conservancy District at the address above.