Sewer Access Fees

Sewer Access Fees are currently $29.00 per month, billed bi-monthly, whether a home is occupied or not. Once a home has been connected to the sewer lateral, the billing will start.  Should a home be destroyed or removed, the sewer lateral must be capped at the road right-of-way and inspected by district personnel to stop further fees from being charged. 

Liens are filed if sewer access fees become 6 months delinquent, or more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my sewer bill in advance?

You are always welcome to pay your sewer bill in advance.  The full year is only $348.00. 

What if my payment is not received by the district by the due date?

The late fee is 10%.  Please allow 5 to 7 days for mail processing to ensure your payment arrives on or before the due date.  Credit card payments incur a $3.00 convenience fee and can only be made online.